Help Files / HowTos

These help files and howtos are presented as is, feel free to copy them if you want, use them for your own web pages, programs, etcetera. But be warned, I am not responsible for any damage you do with them to you or others. Some of the content is advanced howtos involving operating system installation, disk formatting, where others are fairly benign web page code. If you wipe out your hard drive trying to follow some examples don't ask me to get your data back. If you open a security hole in your website allowing remote attackers in sorry, my code led to that.

That being said, everything I list here, is something I have tried and succeeded at doing safely to my computers. However I work on servers and networks for a living, experiment plenty, and always try new things in development/test environments before trying them where loss of data is a possibility. And always back up data before making any major changes to code, operating system updates, software updates or whatever.

I also strongly urge you to not just copy code I put here and use as is, but rather read the comments I have made and description of what each part does. Use that new knowledge to modify the code and examples to better suit your needs, If you have suggestions that will improve an example or howto I have written, great let me know, if I like it, I will update the information and give you credit for the contribution.

If you think I have copied something from you, I am sure I didn't though, everything I write here is combinations of things I have learned from reading multiple documents about how to do something, tweaked to fit my needs and stitched together. May there be a sentence word for word from someone else's help file or an open source documentation manual I read about an application as part of my learning experiences, possibly though it wasn't intentional. If you think I did please let me know so that I can correct the issue, or give credit to the original source.